Monday, October 18, 2010

December thinking

In as much as the topic is morbid, considering the best way to manage funeral funds is important. Although for now I would not want to think about it so much. I have other things to plan, including our family Christmas trip. It is less than three months away and we have not decided whether we would be spending the holidays here or in Manila. The reason being, hubby might not be able to get time off from work at that time. So, we might have to spend Christmas locally, and just go to Manila after Christmas or New Year. To make the whole situation even more complicated, one of my sisters has not advised us if her wedding is pushing through this December! My other sister who is getting married as well is nearly finalising her dress, suppliers, venue, etc and she is tying the knot in January!
Oh exciting times! I wonder how my parents are taking all these, in less than three years they will have had: three grandchildren, three daughters marrying! I suppose these are all good news so nothing to be sad about! Just possibly shockingly exciting events!

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