Thursday, September 18, 2008

007 Book (James Bond)

I may not be the most ardent fan of the James Bond series, but finding out that there’s a book available which lists the locations that James Bond movies were filmed at sort of caught my attention. Martijn Mulder has compiled and created On The Tracks of 007, which comes in Black and White print (cheaper) and a Full Colour print (obviously more expensive – limited edition!). 007 enthusiasts would have access to the ladies man’s hotel lists, travel film stories, hundreds of photos, background information, etc.

Surely there are ways to enjoy the film aside from watching the reel!

Did you know that there exists already a Halong Bay tour where they’ve filmed one of the 007 movies? This is in Vietnam.

I am quite excited to see the upcoming 007 movie! Daniel Craig is such a hottie! :D

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Martijn said...

As the authour of the book you mention I can assure you that no James Bond filming has ever taken place in Vietnam. Scenes from 1997s 'Tomorrow Never Dies' supposedly took place at Halong Bay, but were in fact filmed in Phuket, Thailand..
But ah well.. if it brings in tourists.. ;-)

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