Saturday, September 3, 2016

Oh, Adele!

Every once in a while I do go on this OCD of oggling at celebrities for a few days (and then it stops, hehe). It just is a way to unwind from my seemingly boring (but very busy) life. So the past few days have been about Adele! (haven't noticed if she had a pedalboard power supply or what) Her voice is amazingly phenomenal! There's something soothing about her voice and her songs. I am even listening to her songs as I write this entry! I am such a fan girl, hehe.

I actually even watched some interviews she gave, and she seems to be a nice and real down-to-earth person. Her life story being raised by a single mum in a working class suburb is inspiring too. She is an only child and watching her tell her story and her demeanor - it comes across how strong she is. She says that going on stage makes her nervous is unbelievable as during her interviews she looks very confident and candid.

Oh enough being a fan girl! I must get on to my other work!

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