Friday, November 2, 2012

A crafty weekend

I have been trying to utilise my creative skills lately by coming up with crafting ideas for my little girl to do during our time together. I guess it has not been the easiest time for me to come up with something, as I have been extremely busy with work. Having said that though, I have managed to come up with a few things! It is a good thing that Halloween is still in the air and that Christmas holidays are coming soon. I have made these two the theme for our creative sessions!

For tomorrow’s quality time with her we will make a poster. Making custom poster frames should not be that difficult if one is doing that in a controlled and adult environment. However with a small child who is three years old – it is a disaster waiting to happen! Oh well, it is all in the name of good bonding fun between mother and child, so we are going ahead with it! I am quite excited to make a poster, and I have made a mental note to try and see the activity from her eyes, with the zest of doing something for the first time! Certainly I will post photos from the activity before, during, and after the mess takes place! Check it out once it is online! Surely other parents looking for things to do will find this to be a good activity. It will not be a very professional looking creation, but nonetheless an artwork and masterpiece for the baby books!

Hubby has been quite supportive of this plan and has offered to help with the manly wood work stuff that needs to be done, as well as purchasing the paints, paintbrushes, glitter, and beads. I on the other hand will take care of buying the scrapbook making tools which we are using. I am even thinking whether my little girl and I should walk down our street and collect dried leaves to put on as border! I think this sounds like my creativity side is working and I'm on a roll!

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