Thursday, June 21, 2007


The name does give quite a funny sound to it, especially if you are a local.

But the whole place is mesmerizingly unique, as it's name is different. Where else would one find themselves on a cliff's edge and still manage to dream a tranquil setting.

Sunset Cruise. Magical Dive. Calming Sea. Gentle white sand. Warm Smiles.

Activities are endless. Whether you are adventure seeking or soul searching. This is for you.

Accommodation for all. Whether you are on a budget or on a no-budget. This is for you.

To experience Antulang, is to fully experience oneself. One's senses.

Dumaguete City Booking OfficeTel: (63) (35) 225-8899, 422-2600Fax: (63) (35) 422-2461Mobile: (63) 917-700-2766 or (63) 920-947-6373Email Address: info@antulang.comContact: Anale or Monique

Manila Sales Office:Skyteam Travel & ToursUnit 1015 Cityland Shaw TowerShaw Blvd. corner St. Francis StreetTelefax: (63) (2) 914-5526Mobile: (63) 917-815-2108Email Address:
Contact: PearlFront Desk, Antulang Beach Resort:Tel: (63) (35) 427-0112, 427-0113Fax: (63) (35) 427-0115Mobile: (63) 920-947-6368Contact: Bernice

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