Thursday, March 28, 2013

Booking the Winner

Today was another one for my books as a professional travel agent! I was organizing a travel incentive for one of my corporate clients' top salesperson's; a round the world trip with her family. A couple of weeks ago when I first learned that my client was going ahead and funding this incentive program, I was beyond ecstatic! I was already dreaming about the destinations I could possibly suggest to the winner - knowing the price would not be much of an issue. Now that I am liaising with the traveller, I am a bit disheartened by the fact that she is not a very pleasant person to deal with (and to think she is in sales!). You cannot imagine how stressful it is getting just speaking to her over the phone. Corresponding by email is not as bad, since I don't have to deal with her whining about her concerns that her San Francisco Airport Shuttle Service will not turn up on arrival, or that the shuttle to sfo will take so much longer and be more expensive than catching a cab (not that she's paying anyway). I have told her many times that the airport shuttle sfo companies I deal with are professional and reliable - I almost told her to just see products here at this link, but I held off. If she's that concerned I suppose she will look it up on her own anyhow.

I am glad that her partner is easier to speak with, and has the last say in booking their trip. Somehow I wish the partner would be my main contact person instead,it would make my life so much better. Perhaps I should suggest it to them!

I am just trying to concentrate on booking a great trip and giving my best service. After all they are visiting 3 of my most favourite cities in the whole wide world : New York, Paris and Singapore! I wish I was taking this trip myself!

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