Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dreaming of a getaway


Hubby and I are planning a bit of a quick getaway within the next few weeks or months. Since we are expecting a baby early next year, we want to spend a bit of time with each other and perhaps do a bit of traveling as a couple before we become a family of three. We were discussing what sort of holiday would be nice to go on, something that is not too expensive but still enjoyable. At this stage of our lives, we are both after a more relaxed type of vacation but we need a place to stay where there are still a number of outdoor activities to choose from. Hubby and I are both very much into photography, thus we look for holiday destinations and make sure that there are plenty of opportunities to take a variety of interesting photos. Aside from the fact that we both would need an interesting city, I make sure that the hotel we would be staying at is at least a four star. I guess since I am a travel agent I can manage to get good deals even at such hotel properties. I need a really heavenly bed, and a nice view to the room. I have browsed a few cities and have decided that I would love to go and visit Switzerland sometime and stay at a typical Swiss chalet overlooking the glorious Alps! Ideally I would be traveling during winter so the view from our room would be powder white snow. On the other hand though, I am not my best during this season and I am willing to settle to visit Switzerland in springtime. I have already conjured up a few Swiss Hotels that I would love to visit and stay at, or even do hotel inspections of. I am sure whoever is planning a Swiss getaway would be interested in surfing through this website to check out good deals and just to give one travel ideas on embarking on a truly typical Swiss adventure.


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