Sunday, January 18, 2009

Struggles and Work

How is work coming on for you? And the rest? Times like this financial crisis, one can never really tell what will happen tomorrow. At work, we have been assured that we are the best house in the worst street but still that does not give us a whole assurance or income protection. Every week my colleagues and I ask our leader to give us some sort of update on what’s going on. He does not always give us an answer, just because there is no certainty in this world now. What more, the tourism industry everywhere is just in a slump. That does not mean that people are not traveling, coz they are. They are just traveling wisely now. I know especially, that big families are delaying vacation plans, but some young professionals still go off to spend hard earned money. Our manager’s told us, the best way to keep our jobs is to spend money wisely, and not just save. Apparently spending allows others to keep their jobs, which in turn lets us keep ours. That’s why the government injects so much of these interest rate cuts, etc!

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