Thursday, April 14, 2016

Change vs. Priority

Lately I have been feeling the 'need' to try and venture out of my comfort zone. I have been in the travel industry for more than 15 years now and I just want to explore my other interests. And by explore I mean dabble in something that would be income generating as well.

Although with our youngest still very young - I am struggling with finding time for myself, what more learn a new skill or get into a new industry. Sigh. Most days I feel this, but I know I really should get my priorities straight and focus on what is important now. Obviously it is taking care of the new little one.

I would like to dream though. Sometimes I imagine five years forward, when I would be back into building my career and having time for myself. Seems so far away from now.... Although, I know in a year's time will fly by fast. Just how it had with our now 6 year old. Beginning was slow, and then it just went turbo fast.

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