Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An overhaul project

I know this blog needs quite an overhaul. I am talking about getting a new blog layout, nicer colour scheme, and possibly a new webhosting site. It has been a while since I've paid more attention to this site. I could use some inspiration and obviously help. I am not the most techie person alive, and if I go on and start this project it may take a long while. I guess that is how rebuilding was meant to be. It's good that I have found a site that is very beneficial to me and this endeavour that I would be undertaking. They do have a blog section that allows helpless people like me with tips and other useful information on hosting, etc. I have yet to discover if they can assist with the creative part of hosting sites or whether they have some sort of affiliation with a company who does. I should really be doing my research on this, if I am seriously considering overhauling this blog!

I am missing my good friend in Manila who could maybe help me with this project of mine. I guess she could do some live camera assistance, while I try to figure out how I want my site to be. But then again, I don't like troubling other people with my concerns. I should maybe send an email to the site I am looking at doing my hosting. I am sure they do offer a very good service on technical assistance!

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