Sunday, June 18, 2017

Raising bilingual kids

I am pretty proud about our eldest being able to speak my mother tongue (Filipino). As young as one year old we taught her to speak Tagalog - which she understands too of course. Now that our youngest is 1, we are also teaching her the beauty of the Filipino language. Probably easier now as the older sister is here to help us! Here are a few tips which has worked for us, when we taught the older one to speak her second language.

Tips on teaching a second language to children

1. Start as young as one year old (or younger!). Speak the second language to your child. Start with small words - common words then gradually using phrases, and eventually sentences. Keep repeating the words, phrases.

2. Do not be afraid to speak both English and the second language (in our case, Filipino). The child will not grow up confused. On the contrary, the child's brain is so malleable that their brain will shift from both languages at ease. Just like second nature to them, this is teaching their brain to think in both languages.

3. Encourage people around your child who know that second language (ours being Filipino) to speak to child in that language! I asked my siblings, other relatives, and friends to speak to our little one in Filipino. They thought it was awkward - but my reasoning is - who else will speak to my little one in Filipino?? (Aside from me and hubby of course!)

4. Encourage your child to speak that second language. I would encourage my little girl to speak Filipino by asking her to reply to me in Filipino, when I speak to her in Filipino. She can speak English when spoken to in English.

5. Watch kids learning videos in the second language. Perhaps a show counterpart of Sesame Street in your own language. I watched some youtube videos of Batibot. There wasn't a lot of videos, so I eventually resorted to 'light' Philippine teleserye with my child, as well as Kulilits, Epol Apol, etc.

6. Sing nursery rhymes, songs in the second language.

7. Buy books in the second language. For older kids, workbooks and short stories.

8. Practice writing in the second language. Start with small words, then gradually as your child's vocabulary increases, try bigger words. Perhaps while doing homework, have a quick spelling test in the second language.

Monday, May 29, 2017

All super efforts, something returns - Hopefully. Pray.

This should be my motto today!

I must have sent quite a lot of introduction emails today. With only sleep and eat in between working (and doing chores!0. I probably could have sent more if not for the distractions - kids, facebook and other social media!

For now, I will have to do what I can in between my main role as a carer. Sometimes I wish I could speed time up and explore my interests (or even just surf the internet or something like One day! And on that day I am pretty sure I will be missing the kids' noise.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Sometimes (if not a lot of times) work can be tiring. However, for me, when I am working on a start up - and I get that work momentum - I am then on fire! Haha! I can send a hundred or so personal emails until my eyes give up or I need to force myself to sleep! But really, with young kids how I can even cope with my mother duties, let alone keep a business running? I guess it's just that big drive inside that has been happening for a while now. Although every now and then I am just craving lots of me time and researching cables and kits check it out at GuitarCenter. I wish that I had more time to do lots of things. I guess I will have that time one day not too soon!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fairly early breakfast ideas in Sydney

So I am taking a break from my research (where I found out that wwbw has hohner accordion) and thinking about (fairly early) breakfast ideas to take my friend who's visiting Sydney. I have come up with a few options:

1. Shark Island breakfast picnic
I don't know why I am just so into Shark Island! As much as I am considering this option, I may not take it. We are looking at doing an early breakfast and we have limited time! Probably this would be more suitable if a.) we had more time and b.) if it wasn't too early!

2. Thelma and Louise cafe at Neutral Bay
This is my old neighbourhood cafe which always brought so much comfort and memories to me. It would entail a fair bit of a walk and a quick ferry ride (15 mins).

3. Bradfield Park picnic
I just love the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House in one frame! It never grows old. However, I saw my friend already has just been to this spot this evening!!

4. Some cafe in Circular Quay
This might be the most "rational" and do-able option as it would be a quick 10 minute walk from my friend's CBD hotel. It would be picturesque enough without too much hassle or effort!

Either way, hopefully the weather would cooperate so it would be a pleasant one nonetheless!

Sydney Picnic Company

Photo from Sydney Picnic Co Facebook

Since moving to Sydney I have developed a love for having picnics! Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner picnic - or anything in between these! I was happily surprised to find this company Sydney Picnic Co offering ready made picnic baskets. My picnic basket would not even come close to any of these hampers. Mine is usually just the basic - bread, drinks, dessert, cutlery, chips, fruits, cheeses. On the few special occasions I would have a bottle of champers or wine. Going back to the Sydney Picnic Co - I love their baskets and I even love how creative they call the 'packages'! I could say I am having "The Great Gatsby" for a picnic - this would include Marinated Olives, Prawns, Watermelon, White Chocolate, etc! Fancy as what it is called!

So the special picnic can be delivered to your picnic spot - or picked up from their picnic 'depot'. Lots of details on how to achieve that fabulous picnic by visiting their FAQs page on their site.

Sydney Picnic Co
36-38 Hutchinson Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
0420 943 670

Picnic collection hours:
Monday - Closed
Tuesday to Sunday: 10AM to 5PM

Musically inclined

Sometimes I wish I was musically inclined or gifted! (I did try to study guitar and voice lessons at some point at ) However, I was not really very successful at that! It was a phase in my younger life when I wanted to enrol in these activities to keep me busy during the summer break. Now that I have my own kids, I would like to encourage them to enjoy music (or sports for that matter) by enrolling them in music classes. The younger one seems to be singing every now and then, and for her young age she seems to have it in her! There is hope to have a singer in the family after all!

Oh, Aurora!

Photos from

One day I wish I could experience the Northern Lights. Where else would be a better place than to see it from Iceland! If one is into nature, and is happy to immerse themselves in endless space, boundless skies, unlimited grounds - then the newly listed Virtuoso property, Hotel Ranga is the best choice. Stargazing, fishing, and visit to various attractions such as : hot springs, cultural villages, nature reserves, waterfalls, black sand beaches, etc are only a few of the places that one could explore from Hotel Ranga. I am particularly excited about the option of stargazing while on the hotel's hot tub! I just wish the weather would be kind! Ok, that and of course the fresh salmon dishes served at the property's restaurant!

Hotel Rangá
851 Hella
Phone number:  +354 487 5700

Raising bilingual kids

I am pretty proud about our eldest being able to speak my mother tongue (Filipino). As young as one year old we taught her to speak Tagalo...